Our Story

How we managed to become a global leader in AI for macroeconomic and financial predictive Analytics.

The Company

Created in July 2013 by two ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs, QuantCube Technology was born out of a desire to use to the fullest extent the potential and the new opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

What was at the beginning a Fintech startup focusing on the development of the next generation of investment strategies rapidly became over the past three years a cross-sectoral R&D company whose purpose is to create value from all types of data, while being at the forefront of innovation and advocating for an ethical use of the data.

The vision of QuantCube Technology has always been international. We have been able to design solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients all over the world, from Europe to North America, Middle East and Asia.

Our team is also the symbol of this vision. Because excellence, diversity and passion are of the utmost importance for us, we gathered a team of talents with diverse backgrounds who share the same values and ambition. The combination of these great minds helped us to become a global leader in Data Analytics in only a few months. 2019 is full of challenges for our company, but we intend to keep doing what we do best: innovating and creating great solutions that will disrupt the industry.