Artificial Intelligence for
Economic Intelligence

Creating value with forward-looking indicators by using the power of Algorithms and Data Science

Expert in Global Predictive Analytics

We specialize in real-time predictive Analytics based on massive unstructured Data. With the combination of technology, data science and business expertise, we deliver predictive solutions to major institutions and corporates all over the world, for short, medium and long-term applications in multiple sectors.

Data Warehouse

We have one of the largest global Data Warehouse in terms of diversity of unstructured economic and financial data sources, with several billion data points over more than 40 countries.


We developed internally A.I. and Machine Learning algorithms to analyze all types of unstructured data : Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Graph Theory algorithms....

Predictive Power

Our real-time predictive indicators are highly correlated with official numbers released with several months of delay by governmental institutions and beat consensus forecasts.

Team of

Our multi-talented team includes numerous multilingual Data Scientists and IT experts with Master’s degrees and PhDs from top-notch international schools and universities.

Understand our activity in 1:30 min

Discover through a short video how we extract and analyze in Real-time massive data to develop predictive indicators for multiple sectors.

Create value with our innovative solutions

Powered by the most advanced AI algorithms, our predictive solutions provide corporates and major institutions with real-time accurate, actionable and strategic economic intelligence to make the best decisions. Regardless of the industry or the type of data, our objective is always the same: to create the next generation of Analytics.

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Recent News

QuantCube Technology secures Series A Funding Round from Moody's Corporation and Five Capital

QuantCube Technology announced today that it has closed a Series A funding round of $5 million from Moody’s Corporation and Five Capital, the investment fund sponsored by CDC International Capital (Caisse des Dépôts Group) and Kingdom Holding Company, with the objective to help the company expand its global reach and platform development.

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France acquires automatic 3D geospatial information capability with AI4GEO

QuantCube is one of the industry partners of the AI4GEO project, an automatic solution for producing 3D geospatial information (with direct applications for business intelligence) in which €30 million is to be invested over four years (€13.5 million funding from French government).

How to seize new opportunities in Economy and Finance with A.I.

In an article for (Online magazine of ENSAE Alumni), QuantCube details how to seize new opportunities in Economy and Finance with AI, and more specifically Computer Vision.

QuantCube successfully predicts US midterms 2018 with closest margin

Thanh-Long Huynh was invited on AGEFI TV on Nov 5, 2018 (day before the election) to disclose QuantCube's prediction for the Midterms. The results were on point and the closest from reality, as they beat all polls' predictions.

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