Global Macro Smart Data

We are developing the next generation of real-time macroeconomic indicators with high predictive power.

For years, governments and large financial and economic institutions all around the world have been struggling to get relevant and timely macroeconomic measures. Indicators provided by official institutes are mostly lagged, inaccurate and discontinuous. To address this situation, QuantCube Technology has created a series of predictive macro indicators called “Global Macro Smart Data”, designed to fulfill the long-held ambition of its founders: using the power of algorithms and data to estimate fundamental macroeconomic indicators in real-time and predict their evolution.


Crossing multiple data sources

To compute the Global Macro Smart Data, we are extracting and analyzing each day millions of data coming from various heterogeneous alternative data sources : social media data, consumer reviews, products prices, satellite imagery, hospitality data, and much more. The diversity of our Data Warehouse is a key factor to ensure that we have a thorough macroeconomic vision, in order to create extremely precise forward-looking indicators with high added value and accuracy, by crossing multiple data sources.

High Predictive Power

Our macro indicators stand out due to their unique features: they are computed and adjusted in real-time and bear extremely accurate forward-looking information. Each indicator is highly correlated (up to 95%) with official numbers released several months later by governmental institutions and beats consensus forecasts (results confirmed by an out-of-sample study conducted with the Central Bank of France).

We were also the only startup able to predict notably the Brexit, the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election, the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the 2017 French Presidential Election, and the 2018 US Midterm Election, beating most polling organizations by crossing and analyzing alternative data (results published online before each election).

Actionable indicators with global coverage

The Global Macro Smart Data are computed by crossing and analyzing multiple big data sources. No further analytics are required, they can directly be used within investment process decisions. Applications to our indicators are numerous and depend on our customers' approach, and profile: real-time estimation of global economic trends (as well as inflexion points), adjustement of allocation on countries, monitoring of public policies...

Moreover, by leveraging on our Data Warehouse - that covers nearly 40 countries all over the world - and our expertise in Natural Language Processing (analysis in 13 different languages), we are able to provide relevant estimations for multiple markets and most top world economies, including G7 countries and China.

Easy Integration

Our solution is accessible through our dedicated web platform or API data feed, for continous integration and monitoring. If you would like to request a trial of the Global Macro Smart Data solution, please contact us by email, we will be happy to assist you in setting up an account.

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