Satellite Imagery Analytics

We are reshaping the Future with our Research and Development on Aerial and Satellite Imagery Analytics.

The Satellite Imagery Analytics Department is the result of the new ambition of QuantCube Technology : the conquest of Space, and the innumerable opportunities offered by these new sets of data. Taking advantage of our past experience in the development of AI algorithms for multiple sources of unstructured data, we have applied Deep Learning techniques to extract valuable insights from Images collected by satellites, drones and soon, HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite).

Deep Learning for the detection of elements

We have developed advanced Deep Learnings algorithms, using fully convolutional Neural Networks that outperform traditional approaches in the detection of different elements from a set of satellite images: buildings, large and small vehicles, crops, roads, manmade structures…

Strategic R&D partnerships

To always be at the forefront of innovation in the field of aerospace Analytics, we have partnered with strategic institutions and top R&D laboratories to work on collaborative projects and keep improving the Research on the subject.

Endless potential of applications

Our analytics can be used for multiple applications: monitoring of the stock and flow of commodities and goods for Global Macro predictions, evolution of crops growth and flaring detection for Commodities investments, tracking of construction and activity in urban environments, and much more.