Satellite Imagery Analytics

We are reshaping the Future with our Research and Development on Aerial and Satellite Imagery Analytics.

The Computer Vision Department is the result of the recent ambition of QuantCube Technology: the conquest of Space, and the innumerable opportunities offered by these new sets of data. Taking advantage of our experience in the development of AI algorithms for multiple sources of unstructured data, we are applying Deep Learning techniques to extract valuable insights from images collected by satellites and drones.

Deep Learning for Imagery Analytics

We have developed and implemented internally advanced Deep Learnings algorithms that competes with the best-performing labs and companies for the analysis of Aerial and Satellite Imagery. These algorithms can especially be used for the systematic identification and classification by functionnality of constructions (among 62 different classes) and urban lands, by analyzing Earth observation data in different resolutions and types (hyperspectral data, radar data...).

Strategic R&D partnerships

To always be at the forefront of innovation in the field of Computer Vision, we have partnered with strategic institutions and top R&D laboratories in Europe to work on innovative collaborative projects and keep improving the Research on the subject. In a press release issued in June 18 (accessible here), the European Space Agency details the reasons that lead them to back the company and engage in the development of new business applications with QuantCube Technology.

Endless potential of applications

We believe that Satellite Data Analytics will lead to the development of a new series of innovative solutions in the coming years, with applications in many sectors and industries (including economic and financial applications). Our Analytics have already been tested and validated for many use cases that include: monitoring of the evolution of urban metropolitan area to measure macroeconomic trends at a regional or national level, real-time estimation of various sectors of the economy (mining and oil extraction, production of agricultural materials, manufacting sector...), tracking of the stock and flows of commodities, and much more to come.