Profile Analytics

We are disrupting the Consumer industry with real-time behavioral predictions based on Profile Analytics

Most customer-oriented industries, from Retail Banking to E-commerce or Consumer Finance, are faced at some point with the problem of having missing, incomplete or inaccurate information and insights about their own customers and often struggle to acquire new ones. Using powerful Machine Learning algorithms and Graph Analytics, QuantCube Technology has created a unique solution to perform real-time Profile Analytics on any type of individual and predict customers, investors or voters’ behavior by crossing internal and external data.

In-depth profiling of all individuals

We are able to generate precise and actionable insights from any set of individuals and profiles : internal customers databases, social media users, blogs users, professional networks users, as well as communities of consumer-oriented websites specialized in ratings and reviews.

Patterns and Trends identification

Combining business expertise and advanced Analytics, we have developed predictive models used by our clients to anticipate customers behavior, as well as clustering algorithms used for optimal segmentation of individuals, even with limited information.

Infinite applications

Our real-time Profile Analytics can be used by any consumer-oriented industry for multiple purposes : sales prediction and optimization of recommendation systems for E-commerce, churn reduction and customers acquisition for Retail Banking and Consumer Finance, risk pricing for Insurance, political elections predictions, and much more.

Respect of Data privacy

Because data privacy is of great importance to us, we ensure at every step of the process, from data extraction to Analytics, that we are compliant with local regulations regarding the use of individuals data, in France and in any country we are working in.