QuantCube Big Data Financial Index

We have been the first company to create a Financial Index solely based on the analysis of alternative data.

QuantCube Big Data Financial Index :

since Dec 31, 2013

QuantCube Technology has been one of the earliest players in the development of innovative solutions for investment, based on the use of alternative sets of data and Artificial Intelligence.

Launched in December 2013, the "QuantCube Big Data Financial Index" reflects our ambition to create the next generation of financial products. It has been consistently outperforming the benchmark index (S&P 500) for more than five years. Rebalanced every six months, the QuantCube Big Data Financial Index is a long-only equal weight index composed of a selection of the top 10 stocks from S&P 500, according to our Analytics performed on massive unstructured data from social media, blogs, forums and news websites.

Despite being one of the first solutions that we developed, the QuantCube Big Data Financial Index is still today the symbol of our ability to innovate and find alternative opportunities to generate alpha.