AI for Investments

We deliver uncorrelated absolute returns with investment strategies powered by our amazing Analytics

Combining our expertise in both financial markets and Artificial Intelligence, we have built the perfect solution, resulting in the development of the next generation of investment strategies, solely powered by Analytics performed on alternative unstructured data sources. This innovation solution is dedicated to sophisticated investors willing to increase their portfolio diversification and seize global market opportunities.

Using new sets of data

By analyzing billions of heterogeneous unstructured data from our proprietary Data Warehouse, we are able to maximize winning opportunities and build investment strategies that are completely uncorrelated to old traditional strategies based on market data.

Global reach : multi assets and markets

With a large range of AI algorithms and data sources, we develop systematic investment strategies for multiple asset classes (Equity, Commodities, Fixed Income…) and markets (US, Europe, China, Japan, GCC…). Our Natural Language Processing algorithms are in particular able to analyze news and comments from Social media and Blogs in 13 different languages, for better understanding of local markets.

Alpha Generation with Artificial Intelligence

We have been the first company to build a portfolio of uncorrelated investment strategies solely powered by Artificial Intelligence Analytics on unstructured data. Our investment strategies deliver superior absolute returns, outperforming benchmarks with a high Sharpe Ratio and limited risk.