AI for Investments

Our predictive Analytics are used by our customers to deliver uncorrelated absolute returns with short-term investment strategies.

Combining our expertise in both financial markets and Artificial Intelligence, we have built the perfect solution, resulting in the development of the next generation of investment strategies, solely powered by Analytics performed on alternative unstructured data sources. This innovative solution is dedicated to sophisticated investors willing to increase their portfolio diversification and seize global market opportunities.

New opportunities with Alternative Data

Thanks to our expertise in the extraction and analysis of alternative datasets, we have developed a series of innovative financial indicators, built by crossing multiple alternative data sources from our proprietary Data Warehouse: social media, blogs, satellite data, retail data... As a result, the investment strategies developed by our customers and powered by our Analytics stand out by bringing diversification to their portfolio, as they are completely uncorrelated to old traditional strategies based on market data.

Leveraging on our R&D, we are constantly innovating by developing more solutions dedicated to investments (expected to be released soon): next-generation of ESG indicators, CPI index...

Global reach : multi assets and markets

With a large range of AI algorithms and data sources, we develop indicators that can power systematic investment strategies for multiple asset classes (Equity, Commodities, Credit...). Our expertise in Natural Language Processing allows us in particular to analyze news, filings and comments from Social Media and Blogs in 13 different languages, including Chinese, Arabic or Russian, in order to compute and provide strategic indicators for multiple markets (US, China, GCC...).

Alpha Generation with Artificial Intelligence

As our indicators are directly actionable and built specifically for investments, we are able to provide for each indicator detailed use cases or backtests that validate their relevance for investment purposes. Moreover, we have already partnered with top asset managers globally to launch funds that are solely powered by our Analytics and deliver high performance, outperforming benchmarks, with limited risk.