France acquires automatic 3D geospatial information capability with AI4GEO

QuantCube is one of the industry partners of the AI4GEO project, an automatic solution for producing 3D geospatial information in which €30 million is to be invested over four years.

ESG Data: New Challenges, New Solutions - CIB Innovation Thinking

Ghizlaine Amrani participated in the expert panel of the BNP Parisbas CIB's Women in Business Club to discuss how to address the new challenges related to ESG data, leveraging on Data and AI expertise.

"Let's allow ourselves to think bigger!"

In an interview for the french website "Business O Féminin", Ghizlaine Amrani, COO of QuantCube, explains how the startup managed to become a reference in its field, and what are the next perspectives.

How to seize new opportunities in Economy and Finance with A.I.

In an article for (Online magazine of ENSAE Alumni), QuantCube details how to seize new opportunities in Economy and Finance with A.I., and more specifically Computer Vision.

QuantCube invited at the J.P. Morgan Macro Quantitative Conference in Hong Kong and Tokyo

Thanh-Long Huynh was a member of the panel on AI and Alternative Data Investing at the J.P. Morgan Macro Quantitative Conference 2019 held on Mar 11, 2019 in Hong Kong and Mar 14, 2019 in Tokyo.

Ardian partners with QuantCube to embrace Artificial Intelligence

In an interview for Forbes, Mathias Burghardt, Head of Infrastructure Activity at Ardian explains why they decided to partner with AI-focused companies such as QuantCube to build forecasts with the help of A.I.

QuantCube successfully predicts US midterms 2018 with closest margin

Thanh-Long Huynh was invited on AGEFI TV on Nov 5, 2018 (day before the election) to disclose QuantCube's prediction for the Midterms. The results were on point and the closest from reality, as they beat all polls' predictions.

QuantCube pitching at the 2018 Canada Fintech Forum

QuantCube was among the last 10 startups pitching at the 2018 Canada Fintech Forum held in Montréal from Oct 29 to 31, opened by a conference of Janet L. Yellen.

ESA Press Release following Business Applications investment

After QuantCube's $5 million Series A round, the European Space Agency issued a press release to detail the reasons that lead them to back the company and engage in the development of new business applications.

QuantCube secures Series A round

QuantCube secures its Series A funding round from Moody's Corporation, CDC International Capital and Kingdom Holding Company to support the company's international development.

Inauguration of the new lab of the Central Bank of France

Following its successful collaboration with Banque de France, QuantCube attended the inauguration of the new lab as one of the central bank's partners.

QuantCube selected as one of the 100 startups in which to invest in 2018

In its annual edition, the magazine Challenges has selected QuantCube Technology as one of the most promising French startups of 2018.

QuantCube at the French Fintech Symposium in NYC

Thanh-Long Huynh will be a speaker at the French Fintech Symposium held on the 28th of March 2018, alongside the Central Bank of France, Ripple, Stripe, NYU...

QuantCube selected for the DataCity Paris Program

QuantCube has recently been selected by the city of Paris to work on Smart City challenges, such as the analysis and prediction of traffic congestion.

QuantCube successful collaboration with the Central Bank of France

QuantCube and Banque de France are sharing the results of their successful collaboration to measure and monitor the impact of the new Economy on specific industries in France.

QuantCube in CNES Mag

QuantCube and its CEO are featured in the February 18 edition of CNES Mag alongside Cédric Villani, to discuss Artificial Intelligence and NewSpace.

Fintech Business Camp Tokyo 2017

QuantCube concluded the Tokyo Fintech accelerator program with the pitch of its CTO in front of the Tokyo Governor, Media and Japanese SMEs.

QuantCube on BFM Business

Thanh-Long HUYNH was interviewed on BFM Business to talk about the company and its expertise on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

QuantCube : the french startup with international ambitions

QuantCube has been the only Fintech startup to be simultaneously selected for the French Tech Tour USA and the Fintech Business Camp Tokyo for an aggressive expansion on major financial markets this fall.

QuantCube selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Accelerator Program

Selected among 52 companies worldwide, QuantCube will participate in the FinTech Business Camp Tokyo this fall for a rapid development on the Asian market.

QuantCube among the top Big Data companies to work for, by J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan recently selected QuantCube in their short list of the leading companies in data analytics for financial services.

QuantCube Technology on French TV (Arte)

Thanh-Long HUYNH was interviewed on French TV to explain the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to predict the outcome of election

When Algorithms beat Polling Institutes

In the April 17 edition of Sciences et Avenir, QuantCube explains its innovative methodology to assess and predict voters' opinion by combining alternative data and profile analytics.

QuantCube with French President at Singapore

Nominated as French Tech ambassador, Thanh-Long HUYNH was part of the official delegation to Singapore alongside the French President to promote R&D and Innovation partnerships.

Crédit Agricole meets QuantCube Technology

Thanh-Long HUYNH and Bertrand Corbeau, deputy CEO of Credit Agricole were invited on Radio Village to speak about their meeting.

The biggest players today on Wall Street? Algorithms

The expertise of QuantCube Technology in Big Data Analytics algorithms makes it one of the new big players today on Wall Street

The top 50 leaders of 2016

QuantCube Technology and its CEO Thanh-Long Huynh have proved twice in 2016 the effectiveness of its models, by predicting the results of the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential Elections

QuantCube Winner of the Blue Ocean Awards 2016

The Blue Ocean Awards is an event created by HEC Paris and the firm AXESSIO

Celebrating MacroNow

Launch event of the MacroNow research Project sponsored by Mr. Bertrand Corbeau

Interview - Radio Télévision Suisse

Polling agencies have been recently criticized after the victories of the Brexit and Donald Trump. What is their future in this Big Data era?

US Elections

The Fintech startup QuantCube - which predicts financial markets using algorithms based on Big Data Analytics – estimated on November 03 that Donald Trump could win with a percentage of 50.4%, by analyzing data from social networks.

QuantCube Winner of the International Digital Trophy 2016

Created in 2003 and organized by the IE-Club, the International Digital Trophy rewards each year innovative startups and SMEs with strong international potential. The objective of this event is to promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

MacroNow funded by FUI 22

For its 22nd call for proposals, the Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) selected MacroNow, a research project for the next generation of macroeconomic indicators in real-time, carried by a consortium including QuantCube and the R&D department of Crédit Agricole Investment Bank.

Data Science Game

QuantCube Technology is Gold Sponsor of the 2016 edition of the Data Science Game, an international student contest dedicated to Big Data.

Fintech Label by Finance Innovation

The Finance Innovation Label was awarded to fifty FinTechs at the third Fin&Tech Community event organized on June 09 by the competitive cluster Finance Innovation in Paris.

#VirageDigital - The pitch : Quantcube Technology

Faced with the need of transformation, more and more companies are appointing Chief Digital Officers in order to initiate and manage digital transformation.

8 startups with a promising future

QuantCube Technology - a startup created by Thanh-Long Huynh and Alexandre Damour – is a Fintech combining “Fast Data”, i.e. the ability to analyze in real-time massive amounts of Data, and Asset Management.

AGEFI – Thanh-Long Huynh opens the doors of “Big Data” to asset managers

The founder of QuantCube Technology offers investment solutions based on Big Data Analytics.

Revue Banque – Build the best research team in Big Data Analytics

QuantCube Technology is a FinTech startup that offers innovative investment strategies based on Big Data, such as social media data. The company has developed many algorithms that provides a significant predictive advantage over traditional strategies.